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IT Purchasing & Redistribution Made Easy

ITAM takes all of an organization’s hardware, software and network assets information to make informed business decisions about IT-related purchases and redistribution. The need to find accurate and up-to-date asset information is critical when managing your IT Assets.

How reliable and up-to-date are your Visio diagrams and spreadsheets? If they’re outdated or non-existent, you need to discover IT assets in data centers, the network, virtual environments, and cloud-based solutions.

With netTerrain DCIM, you can bring in big cost savings and eliminate questions like “why are we paying for maintenance for equipment that we got rid of years ago?” netTerrain pulls your information into a centralized repository through easy and fast network discovery, spreadsheet import, and/or connectors to your other data sources.


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Track Any & All Information You Need
  • Purchase/lease date of each asset
  • List of all spare parts
  • Date when an asset was last patched
  • Information such as warranty/service coverage information can help you with planning and budgeting
  • When to purchase replacement hardware
  • Run reports on any data fields, such as what assets are under warranty — and add as many data fields, like cost, service contract, warranty
  • Work orders to keep track of changes to any IT asset, with the ability to tie into existing Service desk tools such as ServiceNow
Fast Asset Discovery & Mapping
  • netTerrain DCIM allows you to discover assets through agentless network discovery.
  • netTerrain includes a robust import and integration capability that speeds up the time to map your IT assets and networks.
  • Our Collector houses our discovery engine, which supports a myriad of protocols such as: SNMP, CDP, LLDP, WMI, and NMAP. Automatically discover your devices and properties, custom MIBs, connections, and more.
Easily Integrate & Bring In Existing Data Sources
  • Integrate with third party data sources and existing toolsets to create a single source of truth
Efficient Capacity Planning
  • Improved capacity planning for all sites and locations, including remote sites. View ports, cabinets, rooms, buildings, and more.

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