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Manage Your Growing Infrastructure

Get a bird's eye view of your assets and increase your network’s security. Access street level location information of branch sites. Track data center rack space. See all of your physical data connection tracking.

Lower energy costs and monitor your power with netTerrain environmental monitoring. Get the real time power and temperature information of your data center servers and power equipment.

Automate your documentation using existing data from network monitoring or asset management data. Logical network design for remote operations. Logical documentation for troubleshooting and design.

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Space and Rack Management
  • Identify available space, power and networks
  • Optimize and simplify additions and moves
  • Reconfigure devices with ease
Environmental Monitoring
  • Replace expensive power strips
  • Identify dead and under-utilized assets
  • Measure energy usage by device
  • Power aware VM migration
  • Power aware job scheduling
Discovery Capabilities
  • SNMP discovery of devices, ports and link data
  • Bring in data using other protocols to leverage things such as environmental parameters like power and temperature usage
  • Predefined integrations with existing monitoring systems and an easy way to
    create new integrations
  • Bulk import (one time or on a continuous basis) data from text and spreadsheets and static diagrams (Visio, netViz and other desktop and legacy tools)
Asset Management
  • Find and employ unused network ports, underutilized, switches, routers, cables and circuits
  • Quickly locate assets
  • See how assets are configured
Cable and Circuit Management
  • Copper & fiber management
  • Tray management
  • Outside plant connectivity
  • Circuit management
  • Power cable management

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