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Slide Predict & Minimize the Risk of Thermal Failure 6Sigma Digital Twin, from Future Facilities, is the gold standard for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation modeling for the design and operations of data centers. CFD is an effective way to get an accurate picture of the airflow in your data center and predicts the effect of any changes you plan to make.

Graphical Networks netTerrain DCIM synchronizes with a Digital Twin model in the DCX suite’s capacity planning tool.

Slide With this integration, Data Center Managers using netTerrain DCIM and 6Sigma can predict and minimize the risk of thermal failure.

While tracking the data center assets, power, space, weight availability, and temperatures through its Environmental Monitoring Module, netTerrain DCIM can now have data about airflow, IT & MEP infrastructure and predict the impact on the data center of future system installations.

Slide Data Center Managers can see how placing new equipment such as a rack will lead to a hot spot or other issues. In a simulation environment, managers can also perform “what-if” scenarios before committing to any changes.

Slide Benefits of a Combined DCIM/CFD Solution Reduced energy consumption

Lower PUE

Reduced hotspots

Efficient servers
For more information on netTerrain DCIM and 6SigmaRoom solution and how it works, please download the brochure or contact Future Facilities rep Robert Schmidt via email ( or phone (941-312-1136).

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