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Easy & Actionable Insights

netTerrain gives you everything you need to turn your data into actionable insights: easily provide dashboard reports to management and utilize them for data analytics to run your infrastructure.

netTerrain equips you with the details and know-how you need to properly manage your networks, telecom rooms, and data centers. In addition to its dynamic diagrams, netTerrain gives you full access to a spectrum of reporting, including: table reports, embedded reports on the web diagrams, and dashboard reports*.

netTerrain Dashboard Reporting is a business intelligence (BI) and analytics feature set in netTerrain* that helps companies use data more strategically across their enterprises. It is easy to use, and you can create your own dashboards to focus on the key data to run your operations.

Create dashboards that from the netTerrain database, view table reports that can be exported to .CSV. In addition, you can import data from other data sources (database import, spreadsheet import, Web API) -- and combine content from multiple data sources and formats.

*dashboards are only available for netTerrain DCIM while all other reports are available for netTerrain Logical and netTerrain DCIM

Data Center Capacity
Get capacity insights in seconds. Learn, for example, key info about your rooms, such as: top rooms based on number of racks, rack utilization, rack weight utilization, and nameplate power. netTerrain’s Capacity Planning dashboards help you ensure your equipment (and expenditures) match the current demands of your infrastructure and while allowing you to effectively plan for the future.

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Rack Capacity
Maximize and optimize your racks (and avoid overpaying for space, racks, and power) with insights that are just a few clicks away. Understand what is happening in each room with quick info on nameplate power, average temperature, and average rack utilization capacity.

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Asset Usage
Critical info on current asset usage is at your fingertips. In seconds, see what your distribution is of types of devices (such as servers, switches, routers), how many devices from each vendor (IBM, Cisco), understand your port and card usage, and more. Know what you have available and what you need.

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Your connectivity is crucial to the health of your network. Get reports on where your links are, endpoint connectors, how types of links are distributed, and drill down to understand more about your cable usage such as how much copper you are using as compared to other types of cabling.

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Work Order
netTerrain’s work order dashboard allows you to understand when tasks are due, who owns them, and what their statuses are. You can see tasks, with properties, and pass them along to other owners.

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