About Adrian Adrian is in charge of the brand and software’s graphical design — from the icons we use to logos, to corporate imagery, and much […]

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About Adrian Adrian is in charge of the brand and software’s graphical design — from the icons we use to logos, to corporate imagery, and much […]

Adrian Arlettaz

About Adrian

Adrian is in charge of the brand and software’s graphical design — from the icons we use to logos, to corporate imagery, and much more.

After studying graphic design at Palermo University, in Buenos Aires, Adrian worked as a professor. Since 2000, he has spearheaded numerous successful design projects with a focus on branding and artistic direction.

Originally from Argentina, Adrian currently calls sunny Madrid home: when he’s not busy making netTerrain look fabulous, Adrian is an amateur DJ and, in his words, a “frustrated NBA player.”

Adrian Arlettaz


“Professor of aesthetics”

DCIM Team Member

About Hannah

Hannah heads up marketing for Graphical Networks — from overseeing the website to overall messaging and brand awareness.

An experienced marketer and corporate copywriter, she is a graduate of Roger Williams University. Since her early days visiting the now-defunct computer museum in Boston to the present, Hannah has been as as passionate about technology as she now is about marketing it.

Hannah lives just outside of Boston, has never declined a cup of coffee in her life, and has somehow never been to a Red Sox game.

Hannah Ash

Marketing Specialist

“Marketing and influencer gal”

DCIM Team Member

About Marina

Marina is in charge of the device, rack, and node modeling of the netTerrain catalog, as well as SNMP modeling and more. So, if you are a netTerrain customer, she is your best friend.

An experienced tech professional, Marina first gained experience in software maintenance, administration, and support, working as an IT specialist. Marina received her degree in 2012 and shortly after joined the GN team.

When she’s not busy crafting realistic device models for netTerrain, Marina enjoys snowboarding and, not surprisingly, pursuing her interest in 3D modeling.

Marina Berhantsikova

Modeling Expert

“Keeper of the catalog”


About Nicolás

Nico works with the netTerrain collector and related integration technologies, polishing the processes for connecting to other sources and finding ways to make things easier for the user.

Before joining the team at GN, Nico worked at several start-ups as a full stack developer. He’s a graduate of IBTA University in Buenos Aires.

A nerd at heart, Nico is curious and passionate about information security and preventing hacking. In his free time, he is focused on becoming the best soccer player at Graphical Networks, if not the world.

Nicolás Castaño

Software Engineer

“Collector wiz kid”

Jan Durnhofer

About Jan

As a founding member of Graphical Networks, Jan’s mission is to make netTerrain the de-facto IT visualization software.

After roaming the world a bit with network design, software development, and product management stints in South America, Europe, and the US,
Jan decided to call Maryland home.

In his free time, he enjoys traveling the world, which usually includes
a trip to some sunny place with the whole family and a more adventurous one with his wife sans kids (as well as organizing an ever growing collection of 20,000 records).

Jan Dürnhöfer


“Product guy & cheerleader”

John Justice Evans

About Justice

Justice is a cyber-security geek on an eternal mission to improve his knowledge, and in turn, better protect networks everywhere. In his role at Graphical Networks, Justice is responsible for log monitoring, server maintenance, and SQL database monitoring.

Before joining the netTerrain team, and while pursuing his degree, he worked as a Linux tutor and served as an active member of Montgomery College’s cyber-security club.

Justice spends most of his free time studying for certifications and taking care of his two loveable huskies.

John Justice Evans

Junior Engineer

“Security & systems curator”

Martin Koen

About Martin

Martin joined Graphical Networks in 2021; he’s our resident web developer in charge of our corporate site, SaaS portal, and other web-related projects.

A graduate of the Buenos Aires Da Vinci School of Multimedia in 2006, Martin’s amassed almost 20 years of website development experience including work for local powerhouses like Movistar and SanCor.

When not fine-tuning pixel perfect portals, Martin plays the guitar, rides his bike around town and, as the proper Argentinian he is, plays soccer (err, we mean “futbol”). You’ll always find Martin sporting the Boca Juniors Jersey (which seems to be the trend at our company).

Martin Koen

Web Developer

“Pixel wrangler & mechanic”

Fred Koh

About Fred

Fred is a founding member of Graphical Networks. He heads the sales and day-to-day operations for the company.

Previously, Fred worked at Concord Communications, later acquired by CA, Inc. leading the sales initiatives with the entire netViz software portfolio, a network documentation package. Before Concord Communications, Fred held positions at both Verizon Business (MCI Worldcom at that time) and Savvis Communications.

A ‘trekkie for life’, Fred lives in Maryland and, in addition to being the only person rooting for the Nats at Graphical Networks, he is a die-hard Redskins fan.

Fred Koh


“Sales & operations honcho”

Dmitry Kornilov

About Dmitry

Passionate about IT visualization, Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms, Dmitry advises Graphical Networks on a wide range of subjects including software, technology, and processes.

Prior to GN, Dmitry worked at Nokia, Finland and was engineering manager at Computer Associates and is also a technical co-founder of Ditto.com.

Dmitry holds a Ph.D. in Math and Physics from Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University. Dmitry is proud to call Silicon Valley home.

Dmitry Kornilov

Board Member

“IT visualization geek”

Jack Heath

About Jack

Jack is an integral member of our sales team, where his 20+ years of IT experience, focused in data center and managed services, is of enormous value to our team and netTerrain’s prospective customers.

Before joining Graphical Networks, Jack previously worked at WorldCom / UUNET, NTT, and Dataprise. When he’s not in the office, you can find Jack spending time with his family, in the water, or both: Jack is an accomplished competitive swimmer, volunteer coach, and referee.

As a Native Washingtonian, Jack’s a fan of all Washington sports teams.

Jack Heath

Senior Account Manager

“Jack of all accounts”

Rodrigo Leivas

About Rodrigo

Rodrigo heads the channel management efforts at Graphical Networks,
including the partner programs for all non-English speaking countries.

After obtaining his degree in electrical engineering from Belgrano University in Buenos Aires, and his MBA from CEMA University, Rodrigo worked at Telecom Argentina and Comsat where he led the sales initiatives for the data center and communications portfolio.

When Rodrigo’s not working, he can often be found on the golf course, attempting to better his game (or professing his allegiance to Boca Juniors).

Rodrigo Leivas

Channel Manager, “Most

interesting man in the world”

Hernán López Manilo

About Hernán

Hernán leads the quality assurance processes for all Graphical Networks products, including the design, documentation and execution of tests.
He also supports the graphic design efforts in his quest for the perfect UX.

Hernán received his education from the Universidad Católica de Salta in Buenos Aires. Before joining GN, he did testing for Reason (a leading music production software package) as well as network and systems administration.

When not working on making netTerrain better each day, Hernán is a professional DJ and producer with a record label and vinyl shop in Madrid.

Hernán López Manilo

Quality Assurance

“QA & UX savant”

Diego Rojas

About Diego

Diego joined GN in 2021 and immediately started building our expansive new telecom lab (used for our growing discovery and monitoring needs).

Before GN, Diego worked in the core networking field auditing, designing, configuring, and maintaining cellular and IP networks for large telecom operators like Claro and Globalcom.

Diego got his Electrical Engineering degree in 2009; he’s currently finishing a postgraduate degree in Cloud computing. He lives in Maryland with his wife. In his free time, he enjoys honing his soccer skills or discovering the Mid Atlantic region.

Diego Rojas

Lab Manager

“GN lab rat”

John Justice Evans

About Nadia

Nadia serves as the principal engineer for Graphical Networks: she has been an integral member of the team since 2012. If you use any netTerrain product, you are probably running her code.

A computer science and mathematics graduate from Irkutsk State University, Nadia is known for her ability to figure out anything and everything.

When Nadia is not busy perfecting netTerrain, she can be found winning hands at poker or embarking on another adventure around the globe. She plans to add Antarctica to her list one of these days.

Nadia Sharabarova

Principal Engineer

“Wizard, savior, glue”

Jason Sherman

About Jason

As a founding member of Graphical Networks and Sales and Support Director, Jason leads the pre and post sales cycle with the entire netTerrain software portfolio, ensuring current customers are able to use the software to its fullest potential.

Jason previously worked at netViz as Pre Sales Manager and at Concord/CA as IT director. He holds a B.S. in Business Management from the University of Maryland and has been in the software industry for over 20 years.

Jason is proud to call Maryland home (and, unlike Fred and Jack, is rooting for the Orioles).

Jason Sherman

Director of Customer Support

“Fan favorite”

Sergey Surkov

About Sergey

An engineer turned technology entrepreneur, Sergey is our overall thinker when it comes to visualization, technology, and engineering management.

Prior to his work with Graphical Networks, Sergey worked both at Google as an engineer in web search and at netViz where he led the development of the company’s flagship enterprise data visualization software.

Sergey is also a co-founder of DITTO, an eCommerce company with proprietary virtual fitting technology. He lives in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley.

Sergey Surkov


“Overall thinker”

Fred Young

About Fred

Fred Young joined Graphical Networks as an account manager in 2021. Previously , he worked as a sales consultant for Verizon Wireless and in business development for an analytics software company.

Fred graduated from Morgan State University in 2011 with a BA in Communications.

Born and raised in Buffalo, Fred is always rooting for the Bills.

Fred Young

Sales Executive

“Sales champion”

Ivan Zholudev

About Ivan

Ivan joined the Graphical Networks team in 2011, working on the development of the original visualization engine. Currently, he spearheads the API development as well as several special projects, including: licensing, authentication, reporting, and more.

Ivan began his career in IT visualization when he worked on the Irkutst Aviation Plant in 1999 for a joint project with Delcam PLC, a UK company (later purchased by Autodesk). Ivan is a computer science and mathematics graduate from Irkutsk State University.

Ivan enjoys traveling and has acquired an impressive list of places he has visited.

Ivan Zholudev

Senior Software Engineer

“API & special projects geek”

Dima Z

About Dmitry

Dima oversees large parts of the core netTerrain product. You will enjoy the fruits of his mad coding skills pretty much everywhere across the main product: a recent pet project was a complete refactoring of 80,000 lines of code comprising the client rendering engine.

After graduating from Irkutsk National University in computer science and a two year stint as a software developer for SOLS, in Irkutsk, Dima joined Graphical Networks at the end of 2013.

Recently married, Dima is an avid traveler. He has mastered the art of the dry, pull-no-punches humor.

Dmitry Zinovyev

Senior Software Engineer

“Don’t mess with Dima “