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Network Documentation Software Traditional network documentation tools do a good job of collecting network data but aren’t able to effectively visualize the relationship of IT to business and people. They simply have a limited feature set for visualizing data and are vendor specific. Traditional drawing tools, meanwhile,  are customizable – but rely heavily on tedious manual work. network documentation tool

Graphical Networks’ netTerrain Logical network documentation tool combines the best of both worlds. Organizations can easily take their existing information and embed it in graphical, hierarchical diagrams that can be queried, drilled into, and distributed among the audience with granular security- all from one central visual web-portal.

With netTerrain Logical, organizations can now easily understand the relationships of assets and locate root causes quickly.

IT resources are optimized and mapped to the business; mean-time-to-repair is reduced.

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Network Visualization

Network Visualization
Capabilities and Value:

  • Web-based, enterprise-grade, distributed platform
  • Real-time, configurable attributes for all nodes and links
  • Drill-down-to embedded data with a simple click
  • Easy to use search and hierarchy browser
  • Multi-user access and collaboration with comments,
    notes, and real-time uploads
  • Inter-diagram links to connect objects on
    different diagrams



For More Information:

Please contact us for more information about netTerrain Logical and how to implement this unique network modeling and documentation software at your organization. You can get a demo and 30 days of access – at no charge.

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netTerrain offers many features and benefits for organizations implementing a data center infrastructure management (DCIM), network documentation, and network mapping solution. network documentation tool

Asset Management
Discovery: Auto-discovery of devices
— Automatic recognition of model types, makes adding or changing assets a much simpler and less time-consuming process.
Consolidation of Data
Consolidating your enterprise’s stakeholder knowledge, legacy data and asset information, and depict it graphically to increase enterprise-wide accessibility to mission-critical data
— Consolidate stakeholder knowledge in a single repository to enforce consistent Data Standards
Import Existing Data — Quick and easy way to get netTerrain up and running.
Easily import data from third party data sources, as well as
import spreadsheets, Visio diagrams, and CA netViz projects
Perform Searches:
Perform Data Center Inventory, and Network Assets
— Easily locate and find devices or networks to reduce
Mean-time-to-repair (MTTR)
Maintain a corporate catalog of vendor specific configuration item — Enforces corporate standards, automate the creation of ports, other subcomponents, icons and backgrounds and makes the
data entry process error-free. Can easily edit and add items
to the catalog.
Automatically generate network topology maps on the demand — Identify network problems faster with both physical and logical views of your networking infrastructure and eliminate outdated network diagrams.
Visualize the relationships and dependencies between users, groups, applications, equipment, and networks. — Quickly identify the root causes of incidents and problems and how it affects your user community and applications that are affected when a server fails, equipment moves, or a power failure.
Bridge the gap between the Physical Data Center view and the Network view. — Ability to view network devices in a network topology and data center rack view to help troubleshooting networks faster.
Allows for the replication of multiple items, including their subcomponents, such as nodes, devices, UPS, PDU, Power strips, etc. — Simplifies rollout of new network services and their associated items.
Visualize virtual servers — Adds flexibility in selecting an IT item and adds efficiency.

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