netTerrain Integrator Training

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The netTerrain Integrator certification is the third track – in a series of three tracks. It is designed to validate the skill set in automated network and data center documentation using the netTerrain Integration Toolkit. After a thorough introduction to the netTerrain Integration Toolkit, you will gain an in-depth understanding of built-in device connectors, custom connectors, and the SNMP & Discovery Engine.

Process and Requirements

netTerrain certifications are available online via e-course, held live for three hours a day over the course of a three day period. Each certification includes class training, lab exercises and an exam.


This track assumes basic knowledge of database queries, Microsoft Office tools and netTerrain end-user and power-user functions.

Native discovery functions may require the user to have knowledge about SNMP and the Management Information Base (MIB) structure.

Section Topic
Introduction to the ITK Database Principles
Built-in Device Connectors Using Drop-ins & Available Connectors
Managing Built-in Connectors
Automated Synchronization
Analyzing Logs
Custom Connectors Proxy & Direct Database Connectivity
Creating Custom Device Connectors
Creating Custom Node Connectors
Creating Custom Link Connectors
SNMP & Discovery Engine MIB Structure
Configuring SNMP Discovery
Discovery & Reconciliation
Port Discovery
Link Discovery
Custom MIBS
SQL Server Monitoring
Final Certification Exam