netTerrain End User Training (Basic)

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The netTerrain End User Training (Basic) certification is the first track in a series of three tracks. After a thorough introduction to netTerrain, you will become fluent in navigating the software and gain a solid skillset working with diagrams and objects.

Process and requirements

netTerrain certifications are available online via e-course, held live for three hours a day over the course of a three day period. Each certification includes class training, lab exercises and an exam.


This track assumes basic knowledge of browser navigation and general computer and networking knowledge. Some basic knowledge of databases and experience with diagramming or graphical software is preferred.

Introduction to netTerrain Overview
netTerrain Core Features
System Organization and Architecture
Navigating netTerrain User Level Permissions
Logging In
Getting Started with Diagrams
netTerrain Toolbar
netTerrain Quick Access Bar
Zooming and Panning
Hierarchy Browser
Context Menus
Working with Diagrams and Objects Basic Operations on Diagrams and Objects
Working with Nodes
Editing Data
Working with Links
Palette Objects
Final Certification Exam