netTerrain End User Training (Advanced)

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The netTerrain End User Training (Advanced) certification is the second track – in a series of three tracks. This course continues upon the knowledge gained in track one, End User Training (Basic): you will become highly skilled using netTerrain’s advanced features, DCIM objects, bulk imports and exports, outside plant, dashboards, and change management.

Process and requirements

netTerrain certifications are available online via e-course, held live for three hours a day over the course of a three day period. Each certification includes class training, lab exercises and an exam.


This track assumes basic knowledge of browser navigation and general computer and networking knowledge.

Some preexisting knowledge of databases and experience with diagramming or graphical software is preferred.


Advanced Features Hiding and Filtering Information
Table Views
Diagram Templates
Advanced Link Features
Embedding Coordinates in Diagrams
DCIM Objects Regular Nodes vs. Smart Objects
Device Subcomponents: Slots, Cards, and Ports
Bulk Imports and Exports Importing netViz Objects into netTerrain
Importing Visio Projects into netTerrain
Exporting Diagrams to Visio and Powerpoint
Importing Data from Excel
PDF Export
Outside Plant Advantages of Using OpenStreetMap (OSM) Diagrams
OSM Maps
Adding OSM Maps to Your Diagrams
Working with OSM Diagrams
Dashboards Predefined Dashboards
Dashboard Drilldown
Change Management Document Management
Work Order Management
Final Certification Exam