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University of Maryland, Baltimore
University of Turku
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Manage Your Growing Infrastructure

Get a bird’s eye view of your entire campus. Perfect for visualizing large physical and logical networks, netTerrain is highly scalable. Easily visualize fiber bundles across your campus - add and manage a large number of network connection ports.

Secure and manage your assets: see numerous buildings in a similar geographic location, public and private wireless access points, security cameras and physical network devices.

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Space and Rack Management
  • Identify available space, power and networks
  • Optimize and simplify additions and moves
  • Reconfigure devices with ease
Environmental Monitoring
  • Replace expensive power strips
  • Identify dead and under-utilized assets
  • Measure energy usage by device
  • Power aware VM migration
  • Power aware job scheduling
Discovery Capabilities
  • SNMP discovery of devices, ports and link data
  • Bring in data using other protocols to leverage things such as environmental parameters like power and temperature usage
  • Predefined integrations with existing monitoring systems and an easy way to
    create new integrations
  • Bulk import (one time or on a continuous basis) data from text and spreadsheets and static diagrams (Visio, netViz and other desktop and legacy tools)
Asset Management
  • Find and employ unused network ports, underutilized, switches, routers, cables and circuits
  • Quickly locate assets
  • See how assets are configured
Cable and Circuit Management
  • Copper & fiber management
  • Tray management
  • Outside plant connectivity
  • Circuit management
  • Power cable management