In a previous article, I wrote about Brady’s decision to end-of-life their NetDoc application for cable management: well, another more well known DCIM tool — iTracs […]

Need to Replace iTracs? Consider netTerrain DCIM

In a previous article, I wrote about Brady’s decision to end-of-life their NetDoc application for cable management: well, another more well known DCIM tool — iTracs […]

In a previous article, I wrote about Brady’s decision to end-of-life their NetDoc application for cable management: well, another more well known DCIM tooliTracs — mentioned they were exiting the DCIM market back in 2017. Lately, we’ve been receiving demo requests from iTracs customers to see if netTerrain DCIM is a suitable replacement.

If you’ve been using iTracs as your DCIM software and you’re going to need to replace it with a supported solution, you may be looking into what else is out there. Consider netTerrain DCIM software.

In netTerrain, you can import data from spreadsheets and connect to other data sources via REST APIs, and is a web-based solution with a centralized repository. Further, netTerrain DCIM pricing is flexible and won’t break the bank.

netTerrain has helped hundreds of organizations who are:

  • Fed up spending unnecessary money for new equipment
  • Taking too long to troubleshoot an issue
  • Spending too much time and money on cabling issues

Replace iTracs with netTerrain: Usability

If you ask some of our customers why they chose our product, they’ll tell you it really comes down to ease of use. netTerrain DCIM is simple and easy to use so that anyone can start using it right away. For example: a hospital organization that purchased netTerrain DCIM assigned an intern to see how easy or hard it is to use netTerrain. Well, the intern was able to create their data center rooms, racks, and equipment inside the racks in hours! We don’t think it should take you a long time to understand how to use a software.

Replace iTracs with netTerrain: Customer Service

We get a lot of feedback about our customer service…and it’s overwhelmingly positive. We respond to tickets fast! Because we are a smaller company than iTracs, we are faster with releases — feature requests can get rolled out quickly (you can read more about our release cycle here).

Most importantly, however, we listen to our customers…after all, it is our customers that drive new features in netTerrain! We started our Customer Advisory Board last year to ensure we align netTerrain to what customers are looking for. At Graphical Networks, our engineers do not drive the new features and enhancements; it is our customers that drive our product roadmap. When you become a customer of Graphical Networks, you can submit a ticket to request a new feature. Every Tuesday, our Engineering team and Product Manager reviews these feature requests and determines, based on most frequent requests, which new feature they will work on.

One missing item I will mention for existing iTracs customers: netTerrain DCIM does not and will not have 3D visualizations. Yes, that’s a strong stance but we have strong reasons for not including 3D visualizations (read more about this by clicking here). netTerrain racks show you space, power, weight availability, and show front and back of the rack.

If you add a device, you can tell if you have enough depth to add the equipment with enough height, width, and soon-to-be-released depth. If you are using 3D views for Computed Fluid Dynamics (CFD), however, we have partnered with Future Facilities (and their leading 6Sigma product). Please click here for more on CFD and netTerrain. The bottomline, however, is that if having 3D views is a showstopping requirement for your organization, netTerrain will not be a good fit for you.

Replace iTracs with netTerrain: Get More Information

Graphical Networks has been doing DCIM — well before DCIM was even an acronym! With over 20 plus years of data center and network documentation, we have helped organizations get a good handle over their data centers assets, capacity, and information. If you would like to test drive netTerrain DCIM, to see how easy it is to use, you might want to check out our many netTerrain DCIM videos by clicking here.

Want a more technical dive and compare netTerrain DCIM features, such as: power monitoring, workflows, dashboards, integrations, cable management, capacity planning, and asset management, please contact Sales at or call 240-912-6223. Graphical Networks offers on-premise licenses (yearly subscription or perpetual licenses) as well as netTerrain Cloud. To try netTerrain Cloud, click here.

Fred Koh
Fred Koh
As a seasoned sales executive, Fred Koh serves as Director of Sales and is responsible for Graphical Networks sales and channel partner program, marketing strategy, and operations.

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