netTerrain Certified User Track

Agenda, Day One
Agenda, Day Two


The netTerrain User certification program is the first track in a series of three tracks and is designed to validate the skill set in network and data center documentation using netTerrain Logical and DCIM.

netTerrain certified users are usually working with one or more of the following roles:

  • Read-only users
    Read-only viewers and consumers of diagrams and data.
  • Annotators
    Read-only viewers with permission to add and edit annotations.
  • Updaters and Editors
    individuals entering and editing data in netTerrain.
  • Power users
    individuals managing the catalog in netTerrain.
  • Administrators

This certification is closely associated with courses GNED-101, GNED-102 and GNED-103.

Process and requirements

netTerrain certifications are available at our headquarters or on-site (upon request). Online certifications are currently not provided. Each certification includes class training, lab exercises and an exam.

For training at our facilities we provide all necessary materials. For on-site training Graphical Networks requires students to bring a laptop. In addition, on-site training requires a room equipped with a large monitor or space for a projector as well as an internet connection that does not block access to the Graphical Networks VPN.


This track assumes basic knowledge of browser navigation and general computer and networking knowledge. Some basic knowledge of databases and experience with diagramming or graphical software is preferred.


Agenda, Day One:
Section Topic
Introduction to netTerrain
Viewing & Arranging Diagrams Toolbar Basics
Diagrams & Object Handling
 Context Menu Basics
 Lab Exercises
 Data Entry Working with Node & Diagram Data
 Editing Properties
 Working with Links
Palette Objects
Hiding & Filtering Information
 Table Views
Embedded Documents
 Bulk Imports & Exports
 Lab Exercises
 Working with Smart Objects Regular Nodes vs. Smart Objects
Working with Racks
 Creating Devices
Device Subcomponents
 Lab Exercises
 Agenda, Day Two:
 Catalog Basics  Accessing the Catalog
 Summary Group Views
Working with Catalog Objects
Visual Overrides
Link Types
Other Objects
 Lab Exercises
 Creating & Modeling Types Node vs. Smart Object Types
Creating Node Types
Creating Link Types
Rack Types
Smart Device Types
Creating & Modeling Card Types
 Lab Exercises
 User Management Adding & Managing Users
Audit Trails & Filters
 Group Management Security Roles
Custom Groups
 Global Settings Using Global Settings
 Lab Exercises
 Final Certification Exam


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