netTerrain Certified Developer Track

Agenda, Day One
Agenda, Day Two


The netTerrain Developer certification program is the third track – in a series of three tracks. It is designed to validate the skill set in: development of scripts, reports and API modules to further automate your network and data center documentation and to create deep real-time integrations with third-party applications.

Process and Requirements

netTerrain certifications are available at our headquarters or on-site (upon request). Online certifications are currently not provided. Each certification includes class training, lab exercises and an exam.

For training at our facilities we provide all necessary materials. For on-site training Graphical Networks requires students to bring a laptop. In addition, on-site training requires a room equipped with a large monitor or space for a projector as well as an internet connection that does not block access to the Graphical Networks VPN.


This track assumes basic knowledge of browser navigation and general computer and networking knowledge.

Some preexisting knowledge of databases and experience with diagramming or graphical software is preferred.

Agenda, Day One:
Section Topic
Introduction to Database Querying Database Principles
Database Engines & Tools
Creating Simple Select Statements
Advanced Queries & Commands in T-SQL
Lab Exercises
netTerrain Database Description ERD Diagrams
Admin & Catalog Tables
Instance Tables
Lab Exercises
netTerrain Custom Reporting Introduction to Tables, Reports & Dashboards
Utilizing Existing Table Reports
Writing Custom Table Reports
Table Reports Reference
netTerrain 6.5 Reporting Engine & Dashboards
Lab Exercises
netTerrain Exercises Using Predefined Expressions
Writing Custom Expressions
Expressions Reference
Lab Exercises
Agenda, Day Two:
Programming Basics Overview of Object Oriented Programming
Basic C# Concepts & Syntax
Visual Studio IDE
Lab Exercises
netTerrain Web API Setting Up the netTerrain API
Creating a Test Console Application
API Reference: Intro, Classes, Interfaces, Faults
API Reference: Catalog Methods
API Reference: Diagram Methods
API Reference: Instance, Node & Link Methods
Lab Exercises
Final Certification Exam


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