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Today’s innovation in technology has created a world of new possibilities for businesses. We’re seeing more and more enterprises embrace the cost-efficiencies of data center consolidation, virtualization and cloud computing, mobility, and environmentally sustainable technologies to help them transform how they use, deliver and offer technology services.  But with these opportunities comes increasing demands on IT staff to respond to rapidly evolving changes and efficiently manage their IT infrastructures.  When you gain real-time visibility into your IT infrastructure, you get the power to manage your assets with greater control. The “power of knowing” equips you with the insights to optimally manage IT assets, make more informed operational and investment decisions, and deliver high-quality services with greater assurance.  In sum:  you cannot manage what you do not know.

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Graphical Networks’ IT visualization solutions empower enterprises to deliver real value – with lower costs and risks and with greater efficiency. Our web-enabled software platform facilitates the automation, visualization, analysis and actions you need to optimize your IT infrastructure and impact business performance.


Gone are the days of time-consuming manual cataloging of data center assets and static, single-user network documentation tools. They’re inefficient and can’t keep up with today’s dynamically changing IT landscapes. Graphical Networks’ solutions enable you to easily document and dynamically update inventory of your IT assets so that you gain a single source of data for multiple sources of information accessible across the enterprise. You can simplify data entry with smart catalog templates or use our Powerful Integration Toolkit to seamlessly import existing documentation, such as data and diagrams from netViz, Visio and spreadsheets.


Graphical Networks’ solutions provide a comprehensive graphical depiction of your IT assets from a centralized viewpoint. You can rapidly create dynamic physical diagrams of your IT infrastructure, including data center sites down to circuit, cabling and outside plant resources, as well as create logical views of your networks, systems and applications. And you can view and share this information in real-time in a multi-user, multi-browser environment.


With Graphical Networks’ solutions, you can navigate hierarchical diagrams and drill down into subcomponents of your IT infrastructure with embedded data that you can view and analyze. Powerful pictorial views of your network and data center can help you identify under-utilized or needed assets and isolate assets that may be the root cause of performance problems.  And with our robust real-time reporting and audit trail features, you gain greater control and governance to better manage assets and assure compliance.


Now that you have insights into your complete IT infrastructure, you can manage it more efficiently. The intelligence you gain from Graphical Networks’ solutions enables you to more precisely optimize utilization and capacity, support future planning and investment decision making, and rapidly identify and troubleshoot problems.

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